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Congratulations on your engagement! Planning your perfect Asian wedding day can be a fun but also a very stressful time. Where do you start? Do you take advice from friends and family? Do you go for it on your own or involve a professional Asian wedding planner? Whichever route you take, our Loonat Catering Services event management service with over 30 years of planning Indian weddings will guide you along the way and put you in contact with the right Indian wedding caterers.

The Theme

Finding a good wedding theme is all about planning in advance. Start collecting your Asian wedding theme by going through magazines and websites to discover your like and dislikes. Collect as many snippets and ideas as possible to start gathering a colour scheme and the Asian wedding theme that you want for your wedding day.

Your Budget

Be realistic in setting your budget and try to stick to it. Decide whether you want a lavish, extravagant or simple Indian wedding, and consider the various options available from beforehand to make informed decisions. Ask friends and families who have married recently for their advice, as Asian weddings can be expensive.

Who to Invite

Asian weddings are a family occasion and for all those that are close to you. Because Asian families are usually very big with extended family and a big circles of friends to consider, working together with your parents and fiancée will help in making sure you call those people that matter.

It certainly is not about inviting every person that you know to your Indian wedding, but then you don’t want to miss out those that are close to you. Knowing the venue’s limitations beforehand will certainly help in determining the size of your guest lists.

Wedding Venues

When choosing an Asian wedding venue, not only does it need to be convenient for people to get to and ideally possess ample parking, it also needs to be able to easily accommodate comfortably the guests you have invited and provide a quality relaxed environment..

A comfortable table layout and an exquisite Asian wedding stage and decor will make your Indian wedding day glamorous, whilst pleasant scenery surrounding the venue will make the day even more memorable for all.

Catering Service

From choosing the right waitering service, cutlery and crockery, to choosing the right starters that will go with your main courses and will compliment the sweet dish, Indian catering for Asian weddings can be a confusing affair.

With so many Indian wedding caterers offering a range of services to choose from, how do you know which ones are reputable and who can deliver on time and provide excellent quality service? That is why it’s crucial to do your research and identify the reputable Indian catering companies who can provide glowing testimonies from satisfied customers and can leave lasting happy memories.

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