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Asian Wedding Invitation Wordings Dos and Don’ts

Getting your Wedding Invitation Wordings right

Wedding invitation wordings, your wedding date is getting closer and closer and it’s now time that you have the wedding invitations ready.An area we find that many people struggle or make simple avoidable mistakes is the wedding invitation wordings that they chose for their invitations, these mistakes can be extremely frustrating especially when they could have been easily avoided.

Wedding invitations are one of those things that seems simple enough but can become much more complicated in practice. This is especially true when you have such a large and elaborate wedding to organise, multiple functions prior to your big day and a large number of guests to invite, which can all make the wedding invitations complicated and rushed.

As such, it is not uncommon for mistakes or etiquette fax pas to find their way into wedding invitation wordings.

Observing a few fairly simple dos and don’ts will go a long way towards preventing errors in the wedding invitation wordings you chose.


  • Be Clear About the Date: If you are even slightly unclear about the date and time of your wedding, there’s a fair chance you will have one guest who manages to get mixed up. Even leaving that aside, as much clarity as possible just helps to make things a bit easier and more pleasant for the person receiving the invitation. For example, including the day of the week saves them reaching for a calendar before they know whether they need to worry about time off work.
  • Be Clear About Locations: As with the date, even a little bit of uncertainty could quite possibly lead to a confused guest. Be clear about exactly where the venue is, and include a postcode. You may want to save space by providing detailed directions later to those who say they will attend. Even if you do this, however, try to be clear about the location so that guests who live further away can think properly about travel arrangements.
  • Be Personal: Even if you have a lot of guests, make sure that your invitations are addressed by name and include proper titles. If at all possible, try to add a more personal touch by having at least part of the invitation – such as the name or even the address on the envelope – handwritten. Try your best to find out the correct spelling of their name, now with Facebook and LinkedIn it’s easier to find out the correct spelling.


  • Overcomplicate Things: Your wedding invitation may be important, but it is not meant to become one of the great works of literature. Keep wedding invitation wording polite, simple, straightforward and informative. Don’t get sucked in by the temptation to write flowery purple prose.
  • Rush Things: Wedding invitations can be time-consuming, and it is tempting to just rush through them. Too often, however, this is where mistakes creep in. When writing the main body of the invitation, which will most likely be the same for everyone, take great care to get everything right and avoid simple issues like spelling and grammar errors. When on the more tedious task of addressing individual invitations, don’t let your attention wander and cause you to make mistakes such as misspelling a guest’s name.
  • Use too much text: With some wedding invitation wording its information overload, the person invited should be able to very easily identify and pull off the relevant and applicable information. It shouldn’t be a puzzle that leaves the reader confused and scratching their heads.
  • Rely on the Printer: Don’t trust your wedding card printer to pick out the mistakes. As a general rule make use of Microsoft Word or another similar software package with a spell check feature to write out your draft template so any spelling errors are highlighted and you can check and see what the text looks like before printing and always check the sample thoroughly.

Once you have chosen you wedding invitation wording get a number of people to proof read the final version you are going for and make sure you chose the correct colour font which goes with the card and is clear and legible to read.

Finally if there is any religious text you wish to use in the wedding invitation wordings, please be carefull what you use exactly. Bear in mind that the vast majority of the invitations after the wedding will end up being thrown away and you don’t want to unknowingly offend or upset anyone.

Planning a wedding can be complicated and takes a lot of effort, and there are many things that have to be booked and arranged from beforehand whilst others need to be organised closer to the time.

Loonat Catering Services can help not just with Asian Wedding Catering and Event Management but with a number of other aspects of organising your big day. For more information about how we can help, get in touch.

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